rental of electric medical scooters for your stays at Disneyland Paris and villages nature 

To make your stay at Disneyland Paris as pleasant as possible, Overtmedical delivers your scooter 7days / 7 directly to your hotel the day of your arrival or the day before at attractive prices: package of 1 to 7 days at the rate of 200 € ttc, beyond this duration please contact us.

 We just pick it up when you will leave.

Scooter Orion 4 roues                                                                               Scooter Colibri 4 roues 

Scooters can be recharged at night on concierge service of your hotel. 

who are we ?

Overtmedical does not rent only scooters! We can also arrange the necessary medical equipment to make your stay as comfortable as you want. Overtmedical.